Sara’s Sanctuary operates 100% with an all-volunteer staff and no administrative salaries or paid directors. When you donate, you can be assured that 100% of your donation will go directly towards the following care.

  • Veterinary & health
  • Daily diets – e.g. Fresh meat for our carnivores, fresh fruit & veggies +
  • Animal habitats – maintenance & repairs
  • Utility costs (1,000 per month) 12 months a year

Since the inception of its 501(c)3 corporation status in December of 2000, Sara’s Sanctuary has been a place of refuge for hundreds of animals with no other options.  We provide lifetime care to animals that have reached the end of their options with their previous owners. We give them love, understanding, and a safe & secure environment for the rest of their lives.

Sara’s Sanctuary survives solely by the goodness and generosity of people who love animals.

Our vision goes beyond the obvious tasks of rescuing and caring for animals. We continue our mission to educate the public about animal neglect and abuse, and how to live together with our local wildlife.  Our hope is to help reduce the large number of animals left in distressful situations.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

A very special thanks to Dr. Lesley Kovar 💕Dr. Kovar is our USDA Veterinarian. Lesley volunteers her time to make sure all our babies are in tip top shape! We can’t thank Lesley enough for her many years of support, of our love and passion for animals in need💗

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