Are you open to the public?

No. Our Sanctuary was created to provide animals with a quiet and predictable home. In most cases, the animals that come to us were previously abused and neglected. Providing a safe haven means we minimize any undue stress. They can be unpredictable and reactive around people they do not know. These are innately wild animals, and we allow them to remain distant from people if they so choose. Subjecting them to stress or agitation for entertainment goes against our mission. How an animal responds to new people (visitors) depends on their personal history, natural instincts and, often times, daily mood. In order to accommodate the shy, timid and angry, we limit the amount of human activity near their enclosures. The animals’ daily care and well-being is our number one priority.

Are the animals that are surrendered to us an asset to the Sanctuary?

No, we are not a zoo. Zoo’s purchase animals and build exhibits for the public viewing. We do not breed, sell or trade animals. We are a “Rescue Facility” and make a commitment to feed, create housing, and care for every animal for the duration of their lives. The animal you surrendered has no monetary value to the sanctuary. It’s quite the contrary, the animals become a lifetime financial commitment for us. Most of the birds and animals living at the Sanctuary have been with us more than 17 years now.

I no longer want my domestic pet, can you take it?

Unfortunately, no. We are not a shelter. Shelters take in domestic animals that can be adopted into home environments. Shelter animals stay with the shelter while waiting for placement. We do not have temporary holding cages for animals waiting to be adopted.
Sara’s Sanctuary is a lifetime facility for captive born wild animals. The animals we take have no other options; these animals cannot be adopted into private ownership, which means they live at the Sanctuary for their lifetime. We build the enclosures to suit each specific animal’s needs.

Why are these animals not in Zoos?

Zoos are not animal rescues. They are animal exhibitors in the business of displaying, breeding and trading animals. The American Zoological Association has polices that guide the acquisition of animals, and animals that have unknown or questionable pedigrees cannot be part of their breeding programs. Animal sanctuaries specialize in caring for wildlife that cannot go to zoos or private owners.

Why don’t you release the animals back into the wild?

Although these animals are “wild” at heart and may look like your backyard wildlife, they are not. They cannot be released.
1) First and foremost, it is illegal to do.
2) These animals may potentially harm or disrupt local ecosystems.
3) They are over-familiar with humans and dependent on their care. Wild animals may face death or injury getting too close to humans or staying close to developments.
4) They may not be able to survive in the wild due to prior injuries or other complications that affect their ability to feed or avoid predation.

I want to buy an exotic animal, can you advise me?

No! Sara’s Sanctuary is the unfortunate result of the exotic wildlife pet trade. These creatures, although wonderful and unique, should never have been put in captivity. The expanse and richness of their natural habitat can never be recreated in a captive environment. Wild animals can be unpredictable, aggressive and destructive when living in captivity.
To share your passion for these wonderful species, please support sanctuaries and conservation groups. Maybe one day, you can see them in the wild where they deserve to be.