1998 – Sara’s Sanctuary was created in loving memory of an incredible dog named Sara. It was because of her exceptional love of other animals that the Sanctuary was named in memory of her.

Sara’s Sanctuary is a place where animals are given a second chance at life, a place of hope for animals that were not given that extra mile. For twenty four years now, the Sanctuary has been a haven for hundreds of animals.

We are a true sanctuary in every sense. The animals that have found their way to our doors are able to live out the rest of their lives with everything they need. They get the love they ask for, the best diets available, and are never kept in cages. We build their enclosures to suit each and every animals needs. This is a lifetime commitment for us.

Sara’s Sanctuary began with the belief that all animals deserve an unconditional, happy and healthy life.

For too many years, mankind has bred exotic/wildlife for human pleasure and financial gain without any regard to their well-being. We need to take responsibility for the situations we have created for animals. Sara’s Sanctuary defines this meaning… we give that commitment to each animal that comes to us, from the very expensive exotic, to a simple wounded dove. I believe all creatures have the same heart and soul and feel the same pain no matter what price they have been purchased for. I believe all animals deserve our love and understanding, to the best of our ability.

For the Love of Animals…