Sara’s Sanctuary is a Federally Licensed 501 (c) 3 non profit rescue facility for captive born wild animals.

This should not be someone's PET!

This should not be someone’s PET!



Sara’s Sanctuary was created to provide a lifetime home to abandoned, abused, and disabled captive born wild animals. We give the animals that come to us a quiet, predictable, safe, stress-free and loving home. Something many of these animals have never known before.
We are not a petting zoo or road side circus, we are strictly a rescue facility. We are not open to the public; our enclosures are designed and built for the animals needs and not for public viewing. Because of their backgrounds, many of the animals can be unpredictable and react negatively around people they are not familiar with. It can take months, even years for these animals to put their trust in their caregivers, this is a bond that takes time and dedication.

Animals are bred and sold every day into private ownership, from exotic cats to bears, primates to foxes, deer to raccoons, squirrels to skunks and even the often misunderstood little opossum. Basically any mammal, bird or reptile you can think of has been bred and sold, and many times illegally.  Often these animals end up in heartbreaking conditions. Lacking even the basics of shelter and clean water.

We believe all creatures deserve the same care and quality of life, no matter what size or shape it is.  Our first priority is providing the best care for each and every animal that comes to live at our Sanctuary.