We wanted to share with you some great words of support from our community.

Greg White, Washington
We need more places like Sara’s Sanctuary!

Janis Lee, Washington
This is a real devine calling. A must have.

Sharon Roy, Washington
We visited Sara’s Sanctuary this weekend. It was an amazing, peaceful place. I can’t stop thinking about the animals and what I can do to help this wonderful place.

Zhu Zhu Xiao, Washington
I love Sara’s Sanctuary. Not only do the animals need a home, people need the sanctuary as well. During troubled times, I was able to forget my problems for a little while and clean the enclosures and hang out with the animals.

Joseph Rafferty, Washington
This is an absolute need for our community. I support Sara’s Sanctuary and hope it can stay her for years to come.

Mary Charbonneau, Washington
So many animals have no safe place to go. We need to do all we can to help good shelters and havens like this one stay in operation.

Amanda Grace, Washington
[Terri] does an amazing job looking after these animals who have no one else. They need this sanctuary, they get exceptional care, love and affection, qualities they have missed in their lives. Without Saras they would be miserable and in pain. Please dont take these animals home away.

Meghan White, Washington
Terri and Sara’s Sanctuary are an undeniable asset to our community. Her dedication and care towards all animals is never-ending. Sara’s Sanctuary is one of the best animal rescues I have been to. Not only has the Sanctuary maintained high levels of animal care, but it also has beautiful grounds. We are a very lucky community to have such a wonderful care giver and a place for these wonderful creatures to live out their lives.

Heidi Arnold, Washington
If only we DIDN’T need a place like Sara’s. If only all animals had homes, if only all animals were cared for, if only all owners were responsible. But sadly, that is not the case. Thank goodness for the sanctuary, caring for those who can not care for themselves.

Dina Hurlburt, Washington
I’ve been to the sanctuary and its a wonderful place that helps many needy animals.

Emily Feathers, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is an asset to the community. We greatly value its work.

Grace Steuart, Washington
I support several charities related to animals, and Sara’s Sanctuary is one of them. Thank you for being there for the most helpless of God’s creatures.

Michelle Jay, Washington
I have followed the progress of this sanctuary for several years. This place is unique in helping injured and abused animals. It would be a cruel disservice to the community as well as the animals that it helps to change this establishment. As a resident of King County we are blessed to have a place like Sara’s Sanctuary.

Matt Bertash, Washington
This is an important asset to King County. We need it.

Maja Hansen, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is a local legend and source of pride. The good work and excellent care to abused and neglected animals should be supported, not threatened.

Anonymous, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary serves the great need for the care of neglected and abused animals. The organization is devoted to the care of the animals and should be supported in their efforts not, as alleged, harassed by a few people.

Laura Thorne, Washington
Living in friendship with other animal species is one of the huge gifts that we receive being alive on this remarkable planet. But only if we recognize it’s importance. We need Sara’s Sanctuary to continue to do it’s work, now more than ever, and would that there could be more places like this in King County.

Alan Greenbaum, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is a much needed addition to King County especially since King County is trying to get out of the business of caring for animals. Here is an organization that will cost King County nothing but provide the services that are so needed for our animal friends in the county. King County should be doing everything in its power to allow Sara’s Sanctuary to continue its good work.

Bonita Todd, Washington
I have been to this Sanctuary and seen how wonderful it really is. These people have GIGANTIC hearts and take great care of the animals here. It would be a shame to close the sanctuary…

Karla Carbajal-Running, Washington
Please support Sara’s Sanctuary and the beautiful animals we share this world with.

Jeff Running, Washington
Please support this wonderful cause and let Sara’s Sanctuary be the voice of so many animals in need. Thank you.

Emily Mereness, Washington
With the economic downturn more people than ever can’t handle the stress or can’t afford the upkeep, and every day it seems that I see more homeless dogs and cats and I’m sure is the same for birds and other animals. I heartily support this facility.

Lodie Gilbert, Washington
This organization is outstanding. Please support Sara’s Sanctuary.

Kelly Dixon, Washington
Everyone needs to support this facility emotionally, financially and physically. I would like to volunteer some time. If anyone would like to contact me regarding volunteer work for Sara’s Sanctuary I would appreciate it. It is our responsibility to make life better for those who can’t do it for themselves. We have to be here to the be voice for these beautiful animals.

Sheila Clanin, Washington
We need to support this sanctuary; too many animals are in need now more than ever due to the current economic downturn. Don’t abandon these animals in need to forever homes.

Norma Marvin, Washington
please continue to support a very worthwhile life’s work..too bad all animals can’t have lifelong homes..God Bless Sara’s Sanctuary for their dedication..shame on those trying to shut them down.

Mark O’Hanlon, Washington
The County should be looking at ways to thank and work with Sara’s Sanctuary for the great service they provide our community. They are an asset, not a liability.

Monique Bailey, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary was the only place that would take an injured bird I found. Without their help, the little guy wouldn’t have made it.

Andrea Pope, Washington
The services this sanctuary provides are very valuable and should be supported.

Kellie Whitley, Washington
After a lot of research for a local animal charity I came across Sara’s Sanctuary. I always look for complaints before I donate to a charity – namely misuse of funds or lack of care for the animals. I found only one – a neighbor’s complaint about noise. While I can understand having issues with neighbor’s noise – I cannot understand a lack of compassion for animal sanctuaries that are doing such wonderful work. Many of these animals have paid the price for our wants and when they became inconvenient they paid even more. Sara’s Sanctuary is repaying some of our debts to these forgotten and neglected animals while we continue on with our convenient lives. I wholeheartedly support people who put their money where their mouth is and live their lives according to their values. The owners of Sara’s Sanctuary are performing a much needed service in our community, are a credit to it, and should be allowed to continue.

Shawna Albin, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is a great place, and deserves to stay right where it is. They take wonderful care of all their animals, and it shows.

Roxanne Wallace, Washington
Please do not close a valuable and worthwhile facility such as Sara”s Sanctuary. The services that are provided for unwanted and abused animals are unparalleled. We must keep Sara’s Sanctuary open as a viable and safe haven for neglected animals.

Michelle Miles, Washington
Teri is a valuable part of this community, it would be a much darker place without her and the work she does. She truly cares abut the animals and the people around her. We must keep Saras Sanctuary!

Brian Johnson, Washington
I have been a neighbor of Sara’s Sanctuary from the first days of existence. Terri has turned this property into a place of peace for many deserving animals. If anyone remembers what this property looked like before Sara’s Sanctuary they would have to agree they have done an incredible job of restoring it to a beautiful property with an exceptional purpose. Terri has ALWAYS taken great care and concern for her neighbors. I have followed the events of the last year and I could not disagree more with the way Terri has been treated through Maynards singing and King County DDES. It is time to create a variance to allow this Sanctuary to exist without the interference of government “out of control” tactics to do nothing more than harrass this establishment!

George Vlases, Washington
The owner of Sara’s sanctuary, Terry Minor, has dedicated her life and all her resources to the care of these neglected and abandoned animals. She performs a unique service to the community and I believe it is essential that she be allowed to continue her work.

Christyne Blount, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is an amazing shelter for animals to go where they receive proper care and lots of love and the owner, Terri, is an incredibly dedicated individual with a unique ability to calm most animals and convey to them that she is there to help. I, myself, was unable to handle my yellow fronted amazon any more as he would bite me mercilessly and she was able to handle him almost immediately. He went from a life of sitting in his cage, angry and confused, to blossoming and getting the love and care he deserves. I am forever grateful to her and her entire staff of volunteers for all of the hard work and endless love they provide these animals. King County would do a grave misjustice to shut this sanctuary down and would be losing a true asset to those of us that love and cherish animals. Please, please, please support Sara’s Sanctuary and allow them to continue their good work. Sincerly, Christyne Blount

D’Arcy Dent, Washington
I have never seen a more dedicated and yet completely unappreciated organization as Sara’s Sanctuary. The animals who receive the best care and concern at the Sanctuary come from King County and Pasados, and other organizations and individuals who don’t wish to take responsibility for them. The service provided by Sara’s Sanctuary is a compliment to our community, and I can only hope other organizations will aspire to treat their animals as humanely. Those who help these animals encourage the same care in other parts of our community.

Anonymous, Washington
Please allow these kind people to continue to protect the creatures that need it most. People put these animals in this situation and now Sara’s Sanctuary is trying to right other peoples wrongs. We need more people like them that are willing to protect these animals and give them a second chance at a happy life.

Marcia Ellison, Washington
This is a wonderful place which the people of King County should be proud to have in our area. Everyone working here does so with no salary or reward other than knowing they are doing something very special for our community and our world. Please help.

Eric Greene, Washington
With the budget shortfalls and closings of King County facilities, it only makes sense to endorse and support these individuals who can fulfill this much needed service to residents of King County.

Jack Keeler Jr, Washington
Now that King Co. can no longer do what we paid taxes for them to do who will? Places like SARA’A SANCTUARY!! Please keep SARA’A SANCTUARY open Thank You Jack Keeler

Robert Riley, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary deserves our support and protection. Terri is doing a remarkable thing. The animals and our community are enriched by its presence.

Suzanne Riley, Washington
As a former volunteer, I have great faith in the mission of Sara’s Sanctuary, as well as a deep affection for Maynard. It is my sincere hope that Terri and her team can continue to provide vital, loving care to all the animals that call Sara’s home.

Heather Christensen, Washington
There are not enough places like this. Please don’t close it! Thank you.

Shirley Ellison, Washington
With King County getting out of the animal control business, we need more places to help rescue those animals that need help. For heaven’s sake, don’t put one out of business!

Selah Gayle Rose-Logan, Washington
Please have compassion upon these helpless creatures, and protect this sanctuary! Thank you on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Trisha Burke, Washington
Greetings – I am a resident of King County and have personal experience with Sara’s Sanctuary. Terri, owner of Sara’s Sanctuary, provided a tour of her facility to my husband and me years ago, taking precious time to share with us her truly wonderful site. Any person who possesses even a modicum of sensitivity could see the exceptional love and caring she provides to truly needy creatures who would otherwise have no chance at all. It is incumbent upon us all, as human beings, to show care and compassion to all of the earth’s living things and Terri does this daily without material compensation, something few would do. In addition, ideal locations for such meaningful and important work are few and far between. Please show your support for her efforts by doing whatever is necessary to ensure her ongoing work at Sara’a Sanctuary. Many of us will be watching the outcome of this story. Trisha Burke Duvall, WA

Neel Malik, Washington
I fully support the continued existence of Sara’s Sanctuary. I first heard about the sanctuary a few years ago and was happy that there are people in King County who care enough to help the animals that other people abuse and/or discard. It would be a great loss to King County as a whole if Sara’s Sanctuary were forced to close and would sadden me greatly. However, the continued existence would once again affirm my pride in being a King County resident.

Jennifer Douglas, Washington
The sanctuary has done such great work. Every community needs a place for abused and abandoned animals – unfortunately. It’s vital that it be allowed to continue, especially with the county cutting back on shelter care.

Dusty Locke, Washington
King County needs ALL the private help it can get when it comes to helping and saving animals. The county is underfunded when it comes to animal care and control and it would be OUTRAGEOUS to lose this valuable resource…Sara’s Sanctuary……kind of like finding money on the street and leaving it instead of picking it up.

Heidi Braile, Washington
It always appalls me when people are bothered by animals, especially when it involves people who are working hard to care for them. The success stories of animals in captivity are inspiring and the people at Sara’s Sanctuary should be SUPPORTED by the community.

Jeri Cranney, Washington
King County must support the heroic efforts of Saras’s Sanctuary. who better to care for these abandoned, mistreated, sick and disabled animals. They are responsible, caring, hard working and operating within the rules and regs established. The County should be grateful that Saras is here to protect and care for these animals. I hope the County will work with the people at Saras to find a solution that works for the animals first and foremost. Thank you, Jeri Cranney

Linda McCoy, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary has been around as long as I’m been in WA and I’ve known them to do tremendous work for the animals. We need them! King County needs them! Let them stay!

Heather Cochran, Washington
Please consider keeping this mutually-beneficial resource open and available not only for the animals in need, but for the many people who are afforded the opportunity to experience caring for other species which cannot care for themselves. Thank you.

Julie Clark, Washington
There are so many abused and neglected animals out there that die without getting proper love and care. Sara’s Sanctuary is one of the few places in our area that will care for these animals. The fact that Sara’s doesn’t care just for cats and dogs like many other sanctuaries sets it apart and truly makes it an asset to King County.

James Haines, Washington
There are few acts in life more fulfilling than protecting those who are helpless and need us most. THANKS

T Cummings, Washington
We need more places for compassionate care of animals, like Sara’s Sanctuary

Brenda Jorgensen, Washington
Please support Sara’s Sanctuary. In today’s economic climate their help is needed more than ever!

Marlene Meyer, Washington
To give the time and money to care for animals that give us so much pleasure is an act of godliness. We must support this sanctuary. I have always thought it was the best idea. The man who complained should have been connected with city mediation before even considering giving him any say. And, by-the-way, does he complain about those power leaf blowers people use. I believe they would be noisier than any animals. Please make sure this sanctuary stays. Thank you so much.

Michelle Riggs, Washington
We need to be the voice of the animals since they don’t have one we can understand. Help the animals we all love and know!

Candy MacLeod, Washington
I am all behind anything for the protection and safety of animals. Animals have more heart and soul than some humans. Good luck to the Sanctuary!

Anthony Evans, Washington
Considering the budgrt situation impactink KC Animal Control private places like Sara’s Sanctuary are critical!!

Paula Thompson, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is a tremendously loving response to the tragic situations in which many of these animals found themselves.

Barry Bond, Washington
We live on the same street as the sanctuary, and are not at all troubled by the occasional animal call. I’m glad the sanctuary exists and am happy to have it in the neighborhood.

Angela Niles, Washington
It is important to provide safe havens for animals who cannot fend for themselves and who have rights as well to be on this earth. I am definitely in favor of Sara’s Sanctuary being able to continue, especially in view of all the cuts made in King County toward animal shelters.

Leslie Kahler, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is amazing, and so are all the animals who live there- we need to take care of those who cannot care for themselves!

Saikat Sen, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is a fantastic place and [Terri] has given up a lot in her life to find these abused animals a good home. The animals deserve a good home just like all of us, and it is my sincere request to allow them all to be here.

Alvin Loong, Washington
Exotics in Western Washington don’t belong here, nevertheless in neglectful owners’ hands. These animals need a place of refuge, otherwise these species will be lost. Paperwork takes time, and this is the only refuge these animals have.

Monisha Ray, Washington
Keep this place alive! For the animals’ sake.

Lori Lawson, Washington
I live directly behind the Sanctuary. I hear Maynard sing almost every day. I LOVE the Sanctuary and hate to see Maynard move to a new location because he has the best habitat you could imagine, and without a doubt the best human care and of course leaving his little buddy Lewis is going to be so traumatic. I have never seen so many different species of animals co-habitat in such splendid harmony before. I feel just terrible that the Sanctuary has to go through this ordeal and I can’t imagine our neighborhood without Terri and Dennis AND the animals…that includes you Maynard! We love you guys!

Ellie Reese, Washington
This sanctuary has helped so many animals get back on their feet. There is no reason it should be closed.

Marei Wagner, Washington
I just wanted to say that I really admire what your organization does. It gives me hope for these animals’ futures.

Peggy Reynolds, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is one of the best places for abused, neglected and abandoned animals in our area. I can’t imagine someone being mean enough to want to shut them down. I am signing this petition as a KING COUNTY HOMEOWNER because I don’t want KC to shut this Sanctuary down, it’s not right. Terri and Dennis do a fantastic job with these animals and what will happen to them if they have to close? They deserve a place to be safe.

Heather Canepa, Washington
There are not many places like this in the world or people who are willing to dedicate their lives to making a home for these types of animals. We need to keep the shelter open.

Rebecca O’Dell, Washington
I wish I had the space and suppport to do something like this. I love all animals ugly, disabled, or smelly. They all deserve our love.

Diana Voicu, Washington
The Sanctuary is a wonderful and necessary place. I am PROUD to be signing this petition!

Samantha Margeson, Washington
I know the animals at the Sanctuary get the best care. Terri and Dennis have such a amazing way with all of the animals. I and many others feel that the animals put in the care of them are better off at the Sanctuary then still on the streets or killed. They truly have the love of the animals.

Debbie Mitchell, Washington
This facility does such wondering work for the animals who are no longer wanted. Let’s show them how important animals are by supporting the shelter and keeping it open.

Name not displayed, Washington
We continually encroach on critter’s land taking over their habits and endangering or killing their eco-systems. We bring in exotic “pets”, for those less responsible for the life of the critters. We need to be responsible for those who are not as responsible and proved places such as Sara’s Sanctuary. Sara’s Santuary is an assest to the community.

Jeff Allen, Washington
Please support Sara’s sanctuary as I have by designating my contribution to United Way to go to this organization

Sheh Fatemie, Washington
Why in the world would anyone think to shut down such an incredible facility?

Chris Olson, Washington
Please help out this great organization!

Marilyn & Fred Subala, Washington
Sara’s Sanctuary is a necessary and worthwhile organization whose sole purpose is to protect the welfare of animals and wildlife that cannot survive on their own. What happens when there is no Wildlife Sanctuary? What will happen to injured wildlife – to homeless animals that cannot take care of themselves? Should we just let them die because there is no place to take them? Most people would agree that an animal sanctuary is a good thing to have. But in some ways it is like a prison – no one wants it to be located in their neighborhood. Show me an individual that believes the animals staying at Sara’s Sanctuary have caused them Physical or mental suffering, and I will show you a person that doesn’t know the first thing about living responsibly within a community. It seems that animal rights are always the last thing to be considered. Irresponsible people acquiring exotic animals as pets and then abandoning them when they become too difficult to care for are the true criminals here. Serious efforts should be made to prevent the acquisition of exotic animals in the first place. In any case, there will always be a need for an animal sanctuary that is located close enough within a community to be available to help animals in need. It’s up to the humans to step up and protect the environment and our wildlife. We are all in this game of life together.

Peter Rogerson, Washington
I volunteered at Sara’s up until about 3 months ago, and I can speak from experience when I say that there is no finer animal sanctuary to be found. The sanctuary has never had a paid employee, with 100% of all donations (no money ever from gov’t) going to the welfare of the animals. There will be countless animals, mostly disabled in some way, that will be homeless and consequently euthanized if Sara’s goes away. Please help keep the sanctuary in what ever way you can.

Michelle Hansen, Washington

Vince Hansen, Washington
Its import and to reflect on our impact as the “most intelligent” species on other forms of life and help protect that life as only we can.

Judith Karabach, Washington
These animals deserve a better life than they had and they are getting it at Sara’s.

Brian First, Washington
Please allow the great work that Sarah’s Sanctuary has been doing to provide shelter and caring for animals who through no fault of their own were abandoned by careless owners, continue.

Michael Blue, Washington
Animal sanctuaries like hers are so important to our community.