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Extra Diet Needs

  • Mazuri/slab carnivore supplement  (We feed supplements to all of our carnivores, only available at
  • Zupreem Bird Pellets – Fruit flavor (Macaw – Large size pellets)
  • Gift Cards for food supplies – very helpful to round out our diets
    •  All the Best pet food store to purchase ROAR – a raw food of ground turkey necks or backs for our senior carnivores (As they get older, they can’t chew bones that are essential to their raw diets. We add the ground bones to their daily meat. Gift cards are available for $10-$200 and are a great gift for these animals!
    • QFC, Fred Meyer and Safeway – we purchase all of our produce and meat at these three stores.
    • A huge Thank You to the Redmond Safeway Produce Department for donating.
    • A special Thank You to the Meat Department at QFC Redmond Ridge. They place special meat orders to keep our freezers stocked!

Materials for Animal Enclosures

  • Stall mats- We really need these! They can be purchased over the phone and we can pick them up! (The Grange in Issaquah or First Fruits in Redmond)
  • Hog Panels/2×4 non-climb fencing (4′, 5′, 6′, 8′)
  • Playground chips
  • Treated lumber 2×4′s, 2×6′s, 4×4′s, 4×6′s (8′minimum)
  • New or used chain link fencing
  • Cement step stones-  (sizes 8″ x 16″ and 16″ x 16″)  used for our diggers
  • Metal or Lexan/PVC roofing panels ( 8, 10′, 12′ lengths)
  • Wood screws-  all sizes 1″ to 4″
  • Live bamboo or evergreen trees/shrubs to provide retreat for the animal habitats
  • Branches/medium limbs: Manzanita and Madrona -  3″ to 5″ diameter x 6′ minimum length (used for aviaries)
  • Large limbs/small trees:  Maple, Cedar, Fir – 6″ to 10″  diameter x 10′  length. 12′ would be better!
  • Gravel
  • Gift cards to Home Depot are also very helpful!

Office Supplies

  • Photo Paper/ copy paper



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