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Priority Needs:

Cleaning and Miscellaneous Supplies

  • Paper towels A special thank you to Pat for keeping us fully stocked!
  • Batteries – (D, C 8, 4 C,) A special thank you to Pat for keeping us fully stocked!

Animal Bedding

  • Medium-size dog beds – water & chew resistant
  • Stall mats- We really need these! They can be purchased over the phone and we can pick them up! (The Grange in Issaquah)
  • Large, spiral rope bird perches - cotton

Food Items

Materials for Animal Enclosures

  • Hog Panels/2×4 non-climb fencing (4′, 5′, 6′, 8′)
  • Playground chips
  • Treated lumber 2×4′s, 2×6′s, 4×4′s, 4×6′s (8′minimum)
  • Plywood sheets
  • Metal or Lexan/PVC roofing panels ( 8, 10′, 12′ lengths)
  • Wood screws-  all sizes 1″ to 4″
  • Live bamboo or evergreen trees/shrubs to provide retreat for the animal habitats
  • Branches/medium limbs: Maple, Manzanita or Madrona -  3″ to 5″ diameter x 6′ minimum length (used for aviaries)
  • Large limbs/small trees:  Maple, Cedar, Fir – 6″ to 10″  diameter x 10′  length. 12′ would be better!
  • Gravel

Office Supplies

  • Photo Paper/ copy paper

Gift Cards:

  • Lowes, Home Depot and local grocery stores – Safeway, Fred Meyer and Albertson’s would be a huge help!

Volunteer services needed

  • Food Prep – No need to be cold and uncomfortable – this can be done from your home!
  • Drivers – to pick up frozen and dry feed
  • Laundry – (once a month) We have no W.D. all laundry needs to be taken to laundromat
  • Fence post installation - Can’t dig?  Pay for a day laborer to dig 8 posts = $75.00
  • Miscellaneous carpentry projects – Bring your own tool belt supplies, we will supply all large tools and materials.
  • Add new trees and limbs to animal enclosures, need to know what your doing with a chain saw and bolts!
  • Maintain water drip systems
  • Repair metal roofs – currently having  leak issues due to “very old roofs and old screws”
  • Tractor/Backhoe work – we will supply the backhoe
  • Electrician needed for constant heating and lighting issues

A special thanks to the Meat Department at QFC Redmond Ridge. They place special meat orders to keep our freezers stocked!


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