Most of the residents of Sara’s Sanctuary were abused, neglected, or illegally owned. The vast majority of the animals we care for began as “someone’s pet”. They were either confiscated or surrendered. Many were simply no longer wanted, or their owners could not handle the lifetime care these unique animals need.


Over the years we have rescued hundreds of animals and each one has it’s own sad story. We would love to share their background, but we rarely know the truth when an animal is brought in.



Please consider sponsoring one of the many wonderful creatures that call Sara’s Sanctuary their home for life!  Your sponsorship would help in so many ways: fresh food, consistent medical care and keeping each one of their habitats in great condition.


Join our “sponsorship program!”

$25.00 will help to support the monthly care of one of our rescues
$50.00 will supply the monthly diet for one of our rescues
$60.00 will supply monthly diet & fresh bedding
$75.00 will supply monthly diet, fresh bedding, toy/enrichment

One time gift of any amount will be put to great use!

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Every dollar raised is used strictly for the direct care and maintenance of the animals. All those who work at Sara’s Sanctuary do so on a purely voluntary basis. Sara’s Sanctuary has No paid staff, No paid directors, and No administrative fees. Every time a new animal comes into the Sanctuary, we assess its physical health and decide if it requires medical/veterinarian care.

Donated Veterinary care:

Dr. Lesley Kovar donates her time as our USDA veterinarian.  This is quite an undertaking with so many different species in need! Thank you so much Lesley!

The Sanctuary was founded on the belief that all animals are worthy of our care. Every animal we take in  receives the best care we can give them, 24/7 if that is what it takes!