Have you found an orphaned baby? It is baby season… there will be many baby critters out there trying very hard to survive with nature and us HUMANS. There are many baby squirrels, baby cottontails (wild baby rabbits), raccoons, and fawns (baby deer) which might seem to have been abandoned. Please stop before you make that decision to pick them up! Usually, the situation is okay and the mother has just been scared off by humans or other animals or typically she is off feeding herself. She is probably waiting nearby to continue to care for her babies until you go away! Please resist picking them up! If you truly think they are injured or orphaned, only then – pick them up and intervene. Then you MUST take them to a licensed rehabilitation facility ASAP. Please read the Baby Cottontail Information before you try to make that determination. If you still feel they are in danger, please call a wildlife rehab center.

To find other licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Washington State, please look here.

Wildlife Rehab Centers

PAWS/HOWL Wildlife of Lynnwood

Rehabilitation facility – for the State of Washington
Lynnwood, WA
Phone: (425) 787-2500 Ext. 817

Sarvey Wildlife Center

Rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife
Arlington, WA
Phone: (360) 435-4817

South Sound Critter Care

(located on the grounds of Sawyer Lake Veterinary Hospital)
Kent, WA 98042
Phone: (360) 886-8917

Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Friday Harbor, WA
Phone: (360) 378-5000

Wild Animal Rescue Mission (Raptor & Large Mammal Rescue/Rehab)

Lacey, WA
Phone: (800) 750-3296

Bats Northwest

Lynnwood, WA
Phone: (206) 256-0406

Margaret Lunnum – Happy Valley Bats

Stanwood, WA
Phone (Daytime): (360) 652-7690
Phone (Night): (360) 631-0668